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Séminaires internes

Des séminaires internes informels (20 min de présentation, habituellement jeudi à 12h) sont régulièrement organisés dans l’équipe.

Pour des infos ou demandes, envoyer un courriel à : Eletta Negretti  .

Prochains séminaires :

- 2019/01/09 Jeudi 12h00- Eletta Negretti -

La liste plus complète des séminaires à venir et passés :

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An Empirical Investigation of Non-linear Energy Transfer from the M2 tide to M2 Subharmonic Wave Motions in the Kauai Channel

Long-duration observations of horizontal currents throughout nearly the entire water column at a location in the Kauai Channel, Hawaii (21.75˚N, 158.75˚W), are used to test hypotheses about the (...)

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Turbulent oceanic western-boundary layers at low latitude

Low latitude oceanic western-boundary layers range within the most turbulent regions in the worlds ocean. The Somali current system with the Great Whirl and the Brazilian current system with its (...)

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Free surface effects on the morphology of river dunes and their evolution to upper stage plane beds

A large number of bed form data from literature is analyzed, showing significantly different evolution of dune height and length in flows with low Froude numbers (negligible free surface effects) (...)

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Comparison of sediment flux : in-situ measurements versus simulation.

I will present the abilities of numerical models to predict the morphodynamics over sandy beds. The flow field and the water depth are calculated using the depth-averaged hydrodynamic model. The (...)

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Modelling sedimentation-consolidation in the framework of a one-dimensional two-phase flow model

During this short seminar, I will present a one-dimensional vertical two-phase flow model for sedimentation-consolidation process. The model is based on solving the continuity and momentum (...)

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School of Civil Engineering, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. Nielsen (1988) presented a simple “grab and dump” model for sediment transport over ripples, and found its performance (...)

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3D internal wave focusing

The talk presents an experimental study of internal waves emitted by a horizontally oscillating torus in a linearly stratified fluid. Internal waves are measured via precise tracking of (...)

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Convection naturelle et stockage thermique d’énergie solaire

Au cours de ce séminaire je vous présenterais le contexte du
stockage thermique d’énergie solaire et les problèmes de convection naturelle
que nous avons identifiés. Nous avons fait quelques manips (...)

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Dynamics of a Levitating Drop in a Faraday Experiment.

In a recent experiment, a drop has been introduced on top of a liquid layer which is forced to oscillate. The amplitude of the bath oscillations is close but below Faraday instability threshold. (...)

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