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Group seminars

Informal seminars (20 min of presentation, usually Thursday at 12am) are organized in the team.

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Eletta Negretti  .

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- 2019/01/09 Thursday 12h00- Eletta Negretti -

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Second harmonic behavior in the 2D internal wave reflection problem.

The generation of the second harmonic wave is studied through a weakly non linear inviscid theory based on Thorpe (1987) and extended to finite width plane waves. It turns out that, contrary to (...)

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Ekman boundary layer - a local stability analysis

The Ekman boundary layer describes fluid flow near a solid boundary in the presence of background rotation. Ekman dynamics plays a critical role in the understanding of several atmospheric and (...)

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Development and Implementation of a Wall Model for the Immersed Boundary Method

Florian Mintgen est en visite au LEGI/ERES dans le cadre
d’un stage Master-Honour (3 mois) de l’université de Munich.
Il a présenté vendredi 18 décembre 2009 les résultats de son projet
de Master effectué sous la direction de M. Manhart (TUM) sur le sujet suivant:

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Destabilizing a seiche with an movable dam.

Volcanic tremors are seismic signals emanating from uid channels encased in rock. The understanding of the mechanism of this phenomenon is of great importance to improve evaluation of volcanic (...)

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Quantum vortices in a glass of Bose-Einstein condensate

Bose-Einstein condensation occurs for bosons when, for a temperature low enough (typically a few nanokelvins for a gaseous condensate), a macroscopic fraction of the bosons gathers in the quantum (...)

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Mecanique statistique d’écoulements océaniques

Two dimensional flows are known to organize themselves spontaneously into large scale coherent structures. The statistical theory of Robert-Sommeria-Miller predicts the final flow organization (...)

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Fronts de marée interne sur le "Great Meteor Seamount" et resuspension de sédiments

We present a 19 days, high frequency record of temperature profiles above the eastern shelfbreak of the Great Meteor Seamount. We used a new "NIOZ-3" high sampling rate thermistor string (...)

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Un modèle pour le mélange

Our aim is to obtain a simple, efficient model to describe the temporal evolution of the probability (PDF) to measure a given concentration of a passive tracer advected by a turbulent flow. This (...)

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