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Group seminars

Informal seminars (20 min of presentation, usually Thursday at 12am) are organized in the team.

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Eletta Negretti  .

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- 2019/01/09 Thursday 12h00- Eletta Negretti -

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The use of PIV to investigate wave propagation over a mobile bed

Nowadays measurements of flow velocities of incoming waves on beaches exist mostly of using acoustic instruments. These methods are limited when the sediment concentration becomes large, or for (...)

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A new Taylor-Couette apparatus to study turbulence in stratified fluids

We consider experimentally the mechanisms of mixing in stably stratified Taylor-Couette (TC) flow in a TC apparatus for which both cylinders can rotate independently. In the case for which only (...)

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Spatially developing gravity currents onto concave slopes

Experimental results using a PIV measurement technique of gravity currents over concave slopes with different initial slope angles are presented. For large angles, the flow follows a periodic (...)

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Wall plume in a cavity: an experimental investigation

Wall convection produced by hot walls is of great interest to many industrial and environmental applications. In this experimental-theoretical investigation we consider a turbulent plume (...)

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UVMAT: a tool to process and organize experimental data

The organization of experimental data is a recurring problem, especially on a large installation such as the Coriolis platform where data from multiple cameras and instruments are used by a group of researchers and must remain accessible several years after the experiments. The tool uvmat under Matlab provides processing programs likes PIV but it more generally proposes a systematic data organisation using the standard binary format netcdf and documenting the processing parameters by xml files. Furthermorte it gives access to the computer cluster in a way transparent for the user.

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Characterization and modelling of internal tides

The interaction of tidal currents with ocean bottom topography results in the radiation of internal gravity waves into the ocean interior. These waves are called internal tides and their (...)

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Pooling and Draining processes in deep Alpine valleys and their effect on pollutant dispersion

The aim of my PhD work is to characterize pooling and draining processes in deep alpine valleys under decoupled stable conditions and quantify their effects on pollutant dispersion.
Cold-air (...)

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Influence d’un rideau de bulles d’air sur le déferlement des vagues

Nous présentons les résultats expérimentaux, de l’influence d’un rideau de bulles d’air sur le déferlement des vagues, ce dernier est de type plongeant. Les expériences ont été réalisées en canal à (...)

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Dynamics of gravity currents on concave and convex slopes

This presentation is dealing with dynamics of gravity currents on a slope and better understanding the instabilities appearing and leading to the turbulent state of the ow, such as Görtler (...)

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Modelling the multiscale interactions of the coupled atmosphere-ocean-sediment system, induced by Marine Renewable Energy Devices

While the world assist to an increasing development of offshore wind energy, the environmental impact of offshore wind farms remains still unknown. If some recent studies have recently light up (...)

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