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Voici la liste de publications de l’équipe extraite de la base HAL (Hyper Articles onLine) du laboratoire. Il y a aussi un certain nombre de thèses soutenues dans l’équipe.

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Publications récentes

Les 20 dernières publications dans notre base de données :


Akutina, Y., Revil-Baudard, T., Chauchat, J., & Eiff, O. (2020). Experimental evidence of settling retardation in a turbulence column. Physical Review Fluids, 5(1).
Davarpanah Jazi, S., Wells, M. G., Peakall, J., Dorrell, R. M., Thomas, R. E., Keevil, G. M., et al. (2020). Influence of Coriolis force upon bottom boundary layers in a large-scale gravity current experiment: Implications for evolution of sinuous deep-water channel systems. Journal of Geophysical Research. Oceans, .
Nagel, T., Chauchat, J., Bonamy, C., Liu, X., Cheng, Z., & Hsu, T. - J. (2020). Three-dimensional scour simulations with a two-phase flow model. Advances in Water Resources, 138, 103544.
Paquier, A. - É., Oudart, T., Le Bouteiller, C., Meulé, S., Larroudé, P., & Dalrymple, R. (2020). 3D numerical simulation of seagrass movement under waves and currents with GPUSPH. International Journal of Sediment Research, .
Rastello, M., & Marié, J. - L. (2020). Wake behind contaminated bubbles in a solid-body rotating flow. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 884(A17).
Rastello, M., Michallet, H., & Marié, J. - L. (2020). Sediment erosion in zero-mean-shear turbulence. Physics of Fluids, 32(3), 036601.
Rubino, A., Gačić, M., Bensi, M., Kovačević, V., Malačič, V., Menna, M., et al. (2020). Experimental evidence of long- term oceanic circulation reversals without wind influence in the North ionian Sea. Scientific Reports, .
Savaro, C., Campagne, A., Linares, M. C., Augier, P., Sommeria, J., Valran, T., et al. (2020). Generation of weakly nonlinear turbulence of internal gravity waves in the Coriolis facility. Physical Review Fluids, 5(7).
Tran, Y. H., & Barthélemy, E. (2020). Combined longshore and cross-shore shoreline model for closed embayed beaches. Coastal Engineering, 158, 103692.
Vergne, A., Le Coz, J., Berni, C., & Pierrefeu, G. (2020). Using a Down-Looking Multifrequency ABS for Measuring Suspended Sediments in Rivers. Water Resources Research, 56(2).
Wåhlin, A. K., Steiger, N., Darelius-Chiche, E., Assmann, K. M., Glessmer, M. S., Ha, H. K., et al. (2020). Ice front blocking of ocean heat transport to an Antarctic ice shelf. Nature, 578(7796), 568–571.


Augier, P., Mohanan, A. V., & Bonamy, C. (2019). FluidDyn: A Python Open-Source Framework for Research and Teaching in Fluid Dynamics by Simulations, Experiments and Data Processing. Journal of Open Research Software, 7.
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Blein, S., Brun, C., & Cohard, J. - M. (2019). Turbulence spectral-characteristics of pure katabatic flow over a steep Alpine slope. In EGU General Assembly 2019. Vienne, Austria.
Branson, P. M., Gisalberti, M., Ivey, G. N., & Hopfinger, E. J. (2019). Cylinder wakes in shallow oscillatory flow: the coastal island wake problem. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, .
Calas, A., Uzu, G., Besombes, J. - L., Martins, J. M. F., Redaelli, M., Weber, S., et al. (2019). Seasonal Variations and Chemical Predictors of Oxidative Potential (OP) of Particulate Matter (PM), for Seven Urban French Sites. Atmosphere, 10(11), 698.
Campagne, A., Hassaini, R., Redor, I., Sommeria, J., & Mordant, N. (2019). The Energy Cascade of Surface Wave Turbulence: Toward Identifying the Active Wave Coupling. In Turbulent Cascade II (pp. 239–246).
Campagne, A., Hassaini, R., Redor, I., Valran, T., Viboud, S., Sommeria, J., et al. (2019). Identifying four-wave-resonant interactions in a surface gravity wave turbulence experiment. Physical Review Fluids, 4(7).
Charrondière, C., Brun, C., Sicart, J. - E., & Cohard, J. - M. (2019). Buoyancy effect of katabatic flows on turbulence above a steep alpine slope. In 35th International Conference on Alpine Meteorology 2019. Riva del Garda, Italy.
Clary, V., Delafin, P. L., Maître, T., & Oudart, T. (2019). An adaptive 3D force distribution model for calculating interactions and power production in an array of vertical axis water turbines. In 7th Oxford Tidal Energy Workshop. Oxford, United Kingdom.

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