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Voici la liste de publications de l’équipe extraite de la base HAL (Hyper Articles onLine) du laboratoire. Il y a aussi un certain nombre de thèses soutenues dans l’équipe.

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Publications récentes

Les 20 dernières publications dans notre base de données :


Tsai, B., Mathieu, A., Montellà, E. P., Hsu, T. - J., & Chauchat, J. (2022). An Eulerian two-phase flow model investigation on scour onset and backfill of a 2D pipeline. European Journal of Mechanics – B/Fluids, 91, 10–26.


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Martins, K., Bonneton, P., Lannes, D., & Michallet, H. (2021). Relation between orbital velocities, pressure and surface elevation in non-linear nearshore water waves. Journal of Physical Oceanography, .
Martins, K., Bonneton, P., & Michallet, H. (2021). Dispersive characteristics of non-linear waves propagating and breaking over a mildly sloping laboratory beach. Coastal Engineering, .
Mathieu, A., Chauchat, J., Bonamy, C., Balarac, G., & Hsu, T. - J. (2021). A finite-size correction model for two-fluid large-eddy simulation of particle-laden boundary layer flow. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 913.
Negretti, M. E., Tucciarone, F., & Wirth, A. (2021). Intruding gravity currents and re-circulation in a rotating frame: Laboratory experiments. Physics of Fluids, 33(9), 096607.
Obligado, M., Cal, R. B., & Brun, C. (2021). Wind turbine wake influence on the mixing of relative humidity quantified through wind tunnel experiments. Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, 13(2), 023308.
Rousseau, H., Chassagne, R., Chauchat, J., Maurin, R., & Frey, P. (2021). Bridging the gap between particle-scale forces and continuum modelling of size segregation: application to bedload transport. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 916(A26).
Salimi-Tarazouj, A., Hsu, T. - J., Traykovski, P., & Chauchat, J. (2021). Eulerian Two-Phase Model Reveals the Importance of Wave Period in Ripple Evolution and Equilibrium Geometry. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 126(7).
Salimi-Tarazouj, A., Hsu, T. - J., Traykovski, P., Cheng, Z., & Chauchat, J. (2021). A Numerical Study of Onshore Ripple Migration Using a Eulerian Two-phase Model. Journal of Geophysical Research. Oceans, 126(2).
Shmakova, N., Voisin, B., Sommeria, J., & Flór, J. - B. (2021). Internal and inertia-gravity wave focusing at large Stokes numbers. Physical Review Fluids, 6(11), 114804.
Thorne, P., Lichtman, I., & Hurther, D. (2021). Acoustic scattering characteristics and inversions for suspended concentration and particle size above mixed sand and mud beds. Continental Shelf Research, 214, 104320.
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