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MEIGE team

Head: CHAUCHAT Julien

The MEIGE team, Modeling, Experiments and Instrumentation for Geophysics and the Environment, brings together all of LEGI’s research activities related to flows in natural environments: ocean, atmosphere, coastline. The research conducted within the team focuses on describing, understanding and modeling the dynamics of these environments at small scales. This approach combines physical modeling approaches in the laboratory, in-situ measurement campaigns and theoretical and numerical modeling approaches. A major effort is also being made to develop measurement and analysis tools within the team, for example with the image analysis software (UVMAT), an acoustic profiler for measuring speed and concentration. sediment (ACVP) or Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) temperature measurement. These tools are essential for observing and understanding small-scale processes in laboratory experiments and possibly during in-situ measurement campaigns.

The research activities of the team can be grouped according to the following three themes:

 Boundary Layer processes and turbulence in geophysics

 Gravity waves : internal and surface waves

 Environnemental engineering

Researchers in the team use many experimental facilities. At the European level, the team is involved in the Hydralab+ and EuHIT projects (ACCESS and JRAs COMPLEX and FREE programs and at regional level, the team co-operates with IRSTEA Lyon and LMFA (Lyon), the ECOUFLU meetings on the physical processes related to free surface flows .

The numerical modeling activity is based on the resources of IDRIS and CINES. Different community open-source models are used by the team. Other numerical codes are developed internally or in collaboration as YALES2 developed at CORIA (UMR-CNRS 6614 , University of Rouen) and used jointly by the MOST and MEIGE teams for the simulation of turbulence.

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