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Chantal Staquet

Professeur des universités
Téléphone :+33495129137 otherwise
 04.76 strange 1718 number.
Other : 9
Courriel : Chantal.Staquet or 1130218775 no-reply(A) and
Bureau :Piole151.
Manager : 24
Équipe : MEIGE

Short bio

- PhD in fluid mechanics (turbulence), University of Grenoble/Grenoble-INP ; PhD advisor : Marcel Lesieur
- Post-doctoral researcher, University of Washington, Seattle, in the group of James J. Riley
- Assistant-professor at the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, Physics Department
- Professor (CE1) at the University Grenoble Alpes


- Fluid mechanics - Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, 3rd year (L3).
- Geophysical fluid dynamics - Master "Applied Mechanics" (M1).
- Waves in Fluids - Master "Applied Mechanics" (M1).
- Internal gravity waves - Master in Environmental Fluid Mechanics (M2).
- Mountain meteorology - Master in Environmental Fluid Mechanics (M2).
- Founding director of the international Master’s program in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, University Grenoble Alpes (since 2011).

Current research projects

(PI : C. Staquet unless otherwise mentioned)
- ClimAir : Climate change and air pollution in an urbanized area : health and socio-economic impact of mitigation scenarios. Project funded by the ANR, duration : 1/10/2022-30/09/2026.
- Climate change adaptation scenarios during heat waves in the Grenoble metropolitan area and impact on air quality. PhD student : Jacobo Gabeiras Penas. Funding : ADEME and Labex/OSUG (2021-2024), LEFE program of INSU-CNRS (2022-2024).
- Atmospheric pollution and climate change : scenarios on urban mobility, urbanism and heating to protect health. PI : Remy Slama (IAB, Grenoble). LEGI post-doctoral student : Sara Bacer. LEGI M2 student : Francisco Do Amaral. Funding : ADEME (2021-2023).

Recent past research projects

- MobilAir : Mobility and improvement of air quality in the Grenoble valley. PIs : S. Mathy (GAEL) and R. Slama (IAB). LEGI PhD student : Enzo Le Bouedec. Funding : Grenoble IDEX CDP, 2018-2021.
- Prediction of pollutant transport in an alpine valley for the next decade by deep learning. Collaboration : Mikhail Krinitskiy, University of Moscow. M2 student : Milton Gomez. Funding : MIAI (Multidisciplinary Institute in Artificial Intelligence), Grenoble (2021).
- Impact of climate change on winter inversions in the Grenoble valley. Post-doctoral student : Sara Bacer. Collaboration : Hubert Gallee, Martin Menegoz, Julien Beaumet, IGE, Grenoble. Funding : LEGI (2020-2021, one year).
- Multiscale approach for weather-type classification. Collaboration : Mikhail Krinitskiy, University of Moscow. PhD student : Enzo Le Bouedec. Funding : IDEX-CDP Data Institute (2020-2021, one year)
- Wave-mean flow interactions in a stratified rotating fluid, application to the Southern Ocean. PhD student : Cruz Garcia Molina. Funding : CONACYT, Mexico, and LEGI (2016-2020).
- Near-surface conversions of semi-diurnal internal tide beam energy. PI : D. Luther (University of Hawaii, USA). U. Hawaii PhD student (collaboration with LEGI) : Sherry Chou (2016-2020). Funding : NSF Proposal.

Current scientific responsabilities

- Supervision of Jacobo Gabeiras Penas, PhD student (2021-2024)
- Associate editor of the journal "Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics" (2022-)
- Associate editor of the journal "Environmental Fluid Mechanics" (2020-)
- Member of the hiring committee in Mechanics of Ecole Polytechnique (2022-)
- Chairman of the Habilitation committee in Geosciences, University Grenoble Alpes (2020-)
- Member of the TEAMx program (PI Mathias Rotach, Univ. Innsbruck) and scientific coordinator of the group "Cold Air Pools".
- Co-convener of the session "Multi-scale transport and exchange processes in the atmosphere over mountains" of the European Meteorological Society conference, Bonn, 5-9 September 2022 (convener : Dino Zardi).
- Co-convener of the workshop "Multiscale Wave-Turbulence Dynamics in the Atmosphere and Ocean", Oberwolfach, Germany, 18-24 September 2022 (convener : Ulrich Achatz)
- Convener/Co-convener of the session on "Internal gravity waves" of the annual meeting of the European Geophysical Union (2010-)

Other activities as a scientific expert

(selection over the past ten years)
- Member or President of 15 hiring committees of French researchers, assistant professors and professors
- External reviewer for the promotion of professors at the University of Quebec (2012), Princeton (2013), university of Saint-Andrews (2015), Free University of Berlin (2016), University of Trieste (2016), University of Innsbruck (2021)
- Member of scientific committee of international conferences (2011, 2012, 2014, 2018, 2019, 2022)
- Member of evaluation panels for French laboratories or institutions (2003, 2007, 2012-2014)
- Head of group "Transport of particles and pollutants in the atmosphere", Region Rhone-Alpes, 2005-2010
- Reviewer of scientific proposals for INTAS, NERC (UK), NOW (Netherlands), NSERC (Canada), NSF (USA), PRACE (Europe), ANR.
- Organization of a summer school on "Topographic Internal Waves", 2010 (80 participants)

Involvement in the University Grenoble Alpes

- Member of the scientific council (2006-2012 and 2016-2019) and administrative council (2012-2015)
- Chairman of the Habilitation committee in mechanics of University Grenoble Alpes (2004-2012)

Publications (since 2006)

On the atmospheric boundary layer

Published papers
- BACER S., JOMAA F., BEAUMET J., GALLEE H., LE BOUEDEC E., MENEGOZ M., STAQUET C. 2022 Impact of climate change on wintertime European atmospheric blocking. Weather and Climate Dynamics, 3 (1), 3 (1), 377-389. link
- QUIMBAYO-DUARTE J.A., CHEMEL C., STAQUET C., TROUDE F., ARDUINI A. 2021 Drivers of severe air pollution events in a deep valley during wintertime : a case study from the Arve river valley, France. Atmospheric Environment, 247, 118030. link
- GIOVANNINI L., FERRERO E., KARL T., ROTACH M.W., STAQUET C., TRINI CASTELLI S., ZARDI D. 2020 Atmospheric pollutant dispersion over complex terrain : challenges and needs for improving air quality measurements and modelling. Atmosphere, 11 (6), 646. link
- ARDUINI, G, CHEMEL, C, STAQUET, C. 2020 Local and non local controls on a persistent cold air pool in the Arve River Valley. Q J R Meteorol Soc., 1-25, link
- QUIMBAYO-DUARTE J.A., STAQUET C., CHEMEL C., ARDUINI A. 2019 Impact of along-valley orographic variations on the dispersion of passive tracers in a stable atmosphere. Atmosphere, 10 (4), 225. link
- QUIMBAYO-DUARTE J.A., STAQUET C., CHEMEL C., ARDUINI A. 2019 Dispersion of tracers in the stable atmosphere of a valley opening on a plain. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 172 (2), 291-315. link
- ARDUINI G., CHEMEL C. and STAQUET C. 2017 Energetics of deep Alpine valleys in pooling and draining configurations. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 74 (7), 2105-2124. link
- LARGERON Y. and STAQUET C. 2016 The atmospheric boundary layer during wintertime persistent inversions in the Grenoble valleys. Frontiers in Earth Science, 4, 70. link
- ARDUINI G., STAQUET C. and CHEMEL C. 2016 Interactions between the Night-Time Valley-Wind System and a Developing Cold-Air Pool. Boundary Layer Meteorology, 161 (1), 49-72. link
- LARGERON Y. and STAQUET C. 2016 Persistent inversion dynamics and wintertime PM10 air pollution in Alpine valleys. Atmospheric Environment, 135, 92-108. link
- CHEMEL C., ARDUINI A., STAQUET C., LARGERON Y., LEGAIN D., TZANOS D., PACI A. 2016 Valley heat deficit as a bulk measure of wintertime particulate air pollution in the Arve River Valley. Atmospheric Environment, 128, 208. link
- SUN J., NAPPO C. J., MAHRT L., BELUSIC D., GRISOGONO B., STAUFFER D., PULIDO M., STAQUET C. and 10 authors 2015. Review of wave-turbulence interactions in the stable atmospheric boundary layer. Reviews of Geophysics, 53-3, 956-993. link
- LARGERON Y., STAQUET C. & CHEMEL C. 2013 Characterization of oscillating motions in the stable atmosphere of a deep valley. Boundary Layer Meteorology, 148 (3), 439-454. link
- LARGERON Y., STAQUET C. & CHEMEL C. 2010 Turbulent mixing in a katabatic wind under stable conditions. Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 19-5, 467-480. link
- CHEMEL C., STAQUET C & CHOLLET J.-P. 2010 Estimating the diffusive heat flux across an interface forced by convective motions. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 17-2, 187-200. link
- CHEMEL C. , STAQUET C. & LARGERON Y. 2009 Generation of internal gravity waves by katabatic winds in an alpine valley. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, 103 (nos 1-4), 179. link
- CHEMEL C. & STAQUET C. 2007 A formulation of convective entrainment in terms of mixing efficiency. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 580, 169-178. link

On internal gravity waves in the ocean

Published papers
- LABREUCHE P., STAQUET C., LE SOMMER J 2022 Resonant growth of inertial oscillations from lee waves in the deep ocean. Geophys. Astrophys. Fluid Dyn (in press). link
- LECLAIR M., RAJA K., STAQUET C. 2020 Nonlinear reflection of a two-dimensional finite-width internal gravity wave onto a slope. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 887, 887, A31. link
- GRISOUARD N., LECLAIR M., GOSTIAUX L., STAQUET C. 2013 Large scale energy transfer from an internal gravity wave reflecting on a simple slope. Procedia IUTAM, 8, 119-128.
- GRISOUARD N., STAQUET C. & GERKEMA T. 2011 Conditions for local generation of solitary waves in a pycnocline. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 676, 491-513. link
- PAIRAUD I., STAQUET C., SOMMERIA J., MAHDIZADEH M.M 2010 Generation of harmonics and sub-harmonics from an internal tide in a uniformly stratified fluid : numerical and laboratory experiments. IUTAM Bookseries 28, Dritschel David (Ed.), Springer Pub 52-63. link
- GRISOUARD N. & STAQUET C. 2010 Numerical simulations of the local generation of internal solitary waves in the Bay of Biscay. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 17, 575-584. link
- GRISOUARD N., STAQUET C. & PAIRAUD I. 2008 Numerical simulation of a two-dimensional wave attractor. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 614, 1-14. link
- STAQUET C. 2007 Internal gravity waves : parametric instability and deep ocean mixing. Compte-rendus de l’Academie des Sciences, Special issue on Joseph Boussinesq, 335 (issues 9-10), 665-678. link
- GERKEMA T., STAQUET C. & BOURUET-AUBERTOT P. 2006 Decay of semi-diurnal internal-tide beams due to subharmonic resonance. Geophysical Research Letters, 33, L08604. link
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- GERKEMA T., STAQUET C. & BOURUET-AUBERTOT P. 2006 Nonlinear effects in internal tide beams and mixing. Ocean Modelling, 12 (issues 3-4), pp 302-318. link

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