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Chantal Staquet  

Chantal Staquet

Professeur des universités
Téléphone :
Courriel : Chantal.Staquet(A)legi.grenoble-inp.fr
Bureau : K102
Équipe : MEIGE


- Mathematics for physicists and engineers - Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, 3rd year (L3).
- Geophysical fluid dynamics - Master in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 2nd year (M2).
- Internal gravity waves - Master in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 2nd year (M2).
- Chair of the international Master’s program in Environmental Fluid Mechanics (University Joseph Fourier).

Current research projects

- Atmospheric boundary layer dynamics under stable condition in an Alpine valley (collab. : JL Jaffrezo, LGGE, Grenoble ; JM Cohard, LTHE, Grenoble ; A. Paci, CNRM, Toulouse ; C. Chemel, Univ. Hertfordshire, UK).
PhD students : G. Arduini, J. Quimbayo ; Master student : S. Todzo.
- Role of lee waves on the large scale circulation in the Southern Ocean (collab. : J. Le Sommer, LGGE). PhD student : K. Raja.
- Near-Surface Conversions of Semi-Diurnal Internal Tide Beam Energy (NSF Proposal : 1538427, collab. : D. Luther and G. Carter, University of Hawaii, USA). PhD student : S. Chou.
- Nonlinear interaction of internal gravity waves with a sloping boundary (collab. : L. Gostiaux, LMFA, Lyon). PhD student : K. Raja.

Research activities (selection)

- Organization of schools and meetings :

  • Euromech meeting on « Internal waves, turbulence and mixing in stratified flows » (1995).
  • Summer School on « Advanced computational fluid dynamics for industrial and geophysical turbulence », 2003 (co-chair : Dr C. Cambon, LMFA, Lyon).
  • Summer School « On topographic internal gravity waves », 2010 (co-chairs : Dr T. Dauxois, ENS-Lyon and Pr O. Eiff, IMF Toulouse).
  • Co-convener of the session « Internal gravity waves » at the annual meeting of the European Geophysical Union since 2010 (convener : Dr R. Plougonven, LMD, Paris).

- Invited fellow at the Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK, for the program « The nature of high Reynolds number turbulence » (2 months in 2008).

- Invited lectures and seminars (since 2000) : 33 lectures and 14 seminars.

- Supervision of 12 PhDs and 5 post-doctoral students.

- ANR projects :

  • "Topographic internal waves" (PI, 2005-2008) ;
  • "Physics of internal waves for oceanography" (co-PI for LEGI, 2009-2012) ;

- Ongoing projects (as PI) :

  • "Atmospheric circulation in an Alpine valley under wintertime stable condition and impact on air quality : the site of Passy in Haute-Savoie (France)" (LEFE-INSU grant).
  • "Wave-mean flow interactions in a stratified rotating fluid, application to the Southern Ocean" (LEFE-INSU grant).

Activities as a scientific expert

- Referee for INTAS, NERC (UK), NOW (Netherland), NSERC (Canada), ANR (France), PRACE.
- Member of the editorial committee of the journal Environmental Fluid Mechanics (2014-).
- Member of local, national and international (Canada, UK, USA) scientific committees for the hiring or promotion of researchers/assistant-professors/professors.
- Member of 3 AERES committees (2012, 2013, 2014).
- Referee of 27 PhD and 6 HDR (Habilitation) manuscripts.
- Member of the scientific committee of IDRIS (French Super Computer Center) for the field « Fluid mechanics » (2001-2008) ; member of the steering committee of the ERCOFTAC Special Interest Group « Environmental Fluid Mechanics » (2011-).
- At the University Joseph Fourier : Representative of the Mechanical Engineering community to the vice-president for research (2000-2007). Member of the scientific council (2007-03/2012) and of the administration council (04/2012-). Chair of the Habilitation committee for Mechanical Engineering (2006-2012).
- In LEGI : Head of the groups ERES "Environment, Rotation and Stratification" (2009-2011) and MEIGE "Modelling, Experiments, Instrumentation in Geophysics and the Environment" (2012-2014).

Recent publications

On the atmospheric boundary layer

Submitted papers
- LARGERON Y. and STAQUET C. The atmospheric boundary layer during wintertime persistent inversions in the Grenoble valleys. Frontiers in Science, special issue on The atmosphere over mountainous terrain (submitted).

Published papers
- ARDUINI G., STAQUET C. and CHEMEL C. Interactions between the Night-Time Valley-Wind System and a Developing Cold-Air Pool. Accepted for publication in Boundary Layer Meteorology.
- LARGERON Y. and STAQUET C. Persistent inversion dynamics and wintertime PM10 air pollution in Alpine valleys. Accepted for publication in Atmospheric Environment.
- CHEMEL C., ARDUINI A., STAQUET C., LARGERON Y., LEGAIN D., TZANOS D., PACI A. Valley heat deficit as a bulk measure of wintertime particulate air pollution in the Arve River Valley. Accepted for publication in Atmospheric Environment.
- SUN J., NAPPO C. J., MAHRT L., BELUSIC D., GRISOGONO B., STAUFFER D., PULIDO M., STAQUET C. and 10 authors 2015. Review of wave-turbulence interactions in the stable atmospheric boundary layer. Reviews of Geophysics, 53-3, 956-993.
- LARGERON Y., STAQUET C. & CHEMEL C. 2013 Characterization of oscillating motions in the stable atmosphere of a deep valley. Boundary Layer Meteorology, DOI 10.1007/s10546-013-9825-y.
- LARGERON Y., STAQUET C. & CHEMEL C. 2010 Turbulent mixing in a katabatic wind under stable conditions. Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 19-5, 467-480.
- CHEMEL C., STAQUET C & CHOLLET J.-P. 2010 Estimating the diffusive heat flux across an interface forced by convective motions. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 17-2, 187-200.
- CHEMEL C. , STAQUET C. & LARGERON Y. 2009 Generation of internal gravity waves by katabatic winds in an alpine valley. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, 103 (nos 1-4), 179.
- CHEMEL C. & STAQUET C. 2007 A formulation of convective entrainment in terms of mixing efficiency. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 580, 169-178.

On internal gravity waves in the ocean

Submitted papers
- LABREUCHE P. LE SOMMER J., STAQUET C. Dissipation of internal waves generated by geostrophic motions over small scale topography. Submitted to Journal of Physical Oceanography.

Published papers
- GRISOUARD N., LECLAIR M., GOSTIAUX L., STAQUET C. 2013 Large scale energy transfer from an internal gravity wave reflecting on a simple slope. Procedia IUTAM, 8, 119-128.
- GRISOUARD N., STAQUET C. & GERKEMA T. 2011 Conditions for local generation of solitary waves in a pycnocline. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 676, 491-513.
- PAIRAUD I., STAQUET C., SOMMERIA J., MAHDIZADEH M.M 2010 Generation of harmonics and sub-harmonics from an internal tide in a uniformly stratified fluid : numerical and laboratory experiments. IUTAM Bookseries 28, Dritschel David (Ed.), Springer Pub 52-63.
- GRISOUARD N. & STAQUET C. 2010 Numerical simulations of the local generation of internal solitary waves in the Bay of Biscay. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 17, 575-584 (open access link).
- GRISOUARD N., STAQUET C. & PAIRAUD I. 2008 Numerical simulation of a two-dimensional wave attractor. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 614, 1-14.
- STAQUET C. 2007 Internal gravity waves : parametric instability and deep ocean mixing. Compte-rendus de l’Académie des Sciences, Special issue on Joseph Boussinesq, 335 (issues 9-10), 665-678.
- GERKEMA T., STAQUET C. & BOURUET-AUBERTOT P. 2006 Decay of semi-diurnal internal-tide beams due to subharmonic resonance. Geophysical Research Letters, 33, L08604.
- KOUDELLA C. & STAQUET C. 2006 Instability mechanisms of a two-dimensional progressive internal gravity wave. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 548, 165-195.
- GERKEMA T., STAQUET C. & BOURUET-AUBERTOT P. 2006 Nonlinear effects in internal tide beams and mixing. Ocean Modelling, 12 (issues 3-4), pp 302-318.

Last modified : July 27, 2015