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Chantal Staquet    

Chantal Staquet

Professeur des universités
Téléphone :
Courriel : Chantal.Staquet(A)
Bureau : K102
Équipe : MEIGE


- Mathematics for physicists and engineers - Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, 3rd year (L3).
- Geophysical fluid dynamics - Master in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 1st year (M1).
- Internal gravity waves - Master in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 2nd year (M2).
- Mountain meteorology - Master in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 2nd year (M2).
- Chair of the international Master’s program in Environmental Fluid Mechanics (University Grenoble Alpes).

Current research projects

- Atmospheric boundary layer dynamics under stable condition in an Alpine valley (collab. : JL Jaffrezo, LGGE, Grenoble ; JM Cohard, LTHE, Grenoble ; A. Paci, CNRM, Toulouse ; C. Chemel, Univ. Hertfordshire, UK).
PhD students : G. Arduini, J. Quimbayo.
- Role of lee waves on the large scale circulation in the Southern Ocean. PhD students : K. Raja, C. Garcia Molina.
- Near-Surface Conversions of Semi-Diurnal Internal Tide Beam Energy (NSF Proposal : 1538427, collab. : D. Luther and G. Carter, University of Hawaii, USA). PhD student : S. Chou.
- Nonlinear interaction of internal gravity waves with a sloping boundary (collab. : L. Gostiaux, LMFA, Lyon). PhD student : K. Raja.

Research activities (selection)

- Organization of schools and meetings :

  • Euromech meeting on « Internal waves, turbulence and mixing in stratified flows » (1995).
  • Summer School on « Advanced computational fluid dynamics for industrial and geophysical turbulence », 2003 (co-chair : Dr C. Cambon, LMFA, Lyon).
  • Summer School « On topographic internal gravity waves », 2010 (co-chairs : Dr T. Dauxois, ENS-Lyon and Pr O. Eiff, IMF Toulouse).
  • Co-convener of the session « Internal gravity waves » at the annual meeting of the European Geophysical Union since 2010 (convener : Dr R. Plougonven, LMD, Paris).

- Invited fellow at the Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK, for the program « The nature of high Reynolds number turbulence » (2 months in 2008).

- Invited lectures and seminars (since 2000) : 33 lectures and 14 seminars.

- Supervision of 12 PhDs and 5 post-doctoral students.

- ANR projects :

  • "Topographic internal waves" (PI, 2005-2008) ;
  • "Physics of internal waves for oceanography" (co-PI for LEGI, 2009-2012) ;

- Ongoing projects (as PI) :

  • "Atmospheric circulation in an Alpine valley under wintertime stable condition and impact on air quality : the site of Passy in Haute-Savoie (France)" (LEFE-INSU grant).
  • "Wave-mean flow interactions in a stratified rotating fluid, application to the Southern Ocean" (LEFE-INSU grant).

Activities as a scientific expert

- Referee for INTAS, NERC (UK), NOW (Netherland), NSERC (Canada), ANR (France), PRACE.
- Member of the editorial committee of the journal Environmental Fluid Mechanics (2014-).
- Member of local, national and international (Canada, UK, USA) scientific committees for the hiring or promotion of researchers/assistant-professors/professors.
- Member of 3 AERES committees (2012, 2013, 2014).
- Referee of 27 PhD and 6 HDR (Habilitation) manuscripts.
- Member of the scientific committee of IDRIS (French Super Computer Center) for the field « Fluid mechanics » (2001-2008) ; member of the steering committee of the ERCOFTAC Special Interest Group « Environmental Fluid Mechanics » (2011-).
- At the University Joseph Fourier : Representative of the Mechanical Engineering community to the vice-president for research (2000-2007). Member of the scientific council (2007-03/2012) and of the administration council (04/2012-). Chair of the Habilitation committee for Mechanical Engineering (2006-2012).
- In LEGI : Head of the groups ERES "Environment, Rotation and Stratification" (2009-2011) and MEIGE "Modelling, Experiments, Instrumentation in Geophysics and the Environment" (2012-2014).

Recent publications

On the atmospheric boundary layer

Submitted paper
- ARDUINI G., CHEMEL C., STAQUET C. Local and non-local controls of a persistent cold-air pool in the Arve River valley. Submitted to the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society.

Published papers
- ARDUINI G., CHEMEL C. and STAQUET C. Energetics of deep Alpine valleys in pooling and draining configurations. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences (accepted).
- LARGERON Y. and STAQUET C. The atmospheric boundary layer during wintertime persistent inversions in the Grenoble valleys. Accepted in Frontiers in Science, special issue on The atmosphere over mountainous terrain.
- ARDUINI G., STAQUET C. and CHEMEL C. 2016 Interactions between the Night-Time Valley-Wind System and a Developing Cold-Air Pool. Boundary Layer Meteorology, 161 (1), 49-72.
- LARGERON Y. and STAQUET C. 2016 Persistent inversion dynamics and wintertime PM10 air pollution in Alpine valleys. Atmospheric Environment, 135, 92-108.
- CHEMEL C., ARDUINI A., STAQUET C., LARGERON Y., LEGAIN D., TZANOS D., PACI A. 2016 Valley heat deficit as a bulk measure of wintertime particulate air pollution in the Arve River Valley. Atmospheric Environment, 128, 208-215.
- SUN J., NAPPO C. J., MAHRT L., BELUSIC D., GRISOGONO B., STAUFFER D., PULIDO M., STAQUET C. and 10 authors 2015. Review of wave-turbulence interactions in the stable atmospheric boundary layer. Reviews of Geophysics, 53-3, 956-993.
- LARGERON Y., STAQUET C. & CHEMEL C. 2013 Characterization of oscillating motions in the stable atmosphere of a deep valley. Boundary Layer Meteorology, DOI 10.1007/s10546-013-9825-y.
- LARGERON Y., STAQUET C. & CHEMEL C. 2010 Turbulent mixing in a katabatic wind under stable conditions. Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 19-5, 467-480.
- CHEMEL C., STAQUET C & CHOLLET J.-P. 2010 Estimating the diffusive heat flux across an interface forced by convective motions. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 17-2, 187-200.
- CHEMEL C. , STAQUET C. & LARGERON Y. 2009 Generation of internal gravity waves by katabatic winds in an alpine valley. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, 103 (nos 1-4), 179.
- CHEMEL C. & STAQUET C. 2007 A formulation of convective entrainment in terms of mixing efficiency. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 580, 169-178.

On internal gravity waves in the ocean

Submitted paper
- LABREUCHE P., LE SOMMER J., STAQUET C. Energy pathways of internal waves generated by a geostrophic current over small scale topography. Submitted to Ocean Science.

Published papers
- GRISOUARD N., LECLAIR M., GOSTIAUX L., STAQUET C. 2013 Large scale energy transfer from an internal gravity wave reflecting on a simple slope. Procedia IUTAM, 8, 119-128.
- GRISOUARD N., STAQUET C. & GERKEMA T. 2011 Conditions for local generation of solitary waves in a pycnocline. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 676, 491-513.
- PAIRAUD I., STAQUET C., SOMMERIA J., MAHDIZADEH M.M 2010 Generation of harmonics and sub-harmonics from an internal tide in a uniformly stratified fluid : numerical and laboratory experiments. IUTAM Bookseries 28, Dritschel David (Ed.), Springer Pub 52-63.
- GRISOUARD N. & STAQUET C. 2010 Numerical simulations of the local generation of internal solitary waves in the Bay of Biscay. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 17, 575-584 (open access link).
- GRISOUARD N., STAQUET C. & PAIRAUD I. 2008 Numerical simulation of a two-dimensional wave attractor. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 614, 1-14.
- STAQUET C. 2007 Internal gravity waves : parametric instability and deep ocean mixing. Compte-rendus de l’Académie des Sciences, Special issue on Joseph Boussinesq, 335 (issues 9-10), 665-678.
- GERKEMA T., STAQUET C. & BOURUET-AUBERTOT P. 2006 Decay of semi-diurnal internal-tide beams due to subharmonic resonance. Geophysical Research Letters, 33, L08604.
- KOUDELLA C. & STAQUET C. 2006 Instability mechanisms of a two-dimensional progressive internal gravity wave. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 548, 165-195.
- GERKEMA T., STAQUET C. & BOURUET-AUBERTOT P. 2006 Nonlinear effects in internal tide beams and mixing. Ocean Modelling, 12 (issues 3-4), pp 302-318.

Last modified : April 18, 2017