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Marie Rastello

Marie Rastello

Chargé de recherche
Téléphone : Na
Courriel : Marie.Rastello(A)
Bureau : K111
Équipe : MEIGE

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I am a CNRS-researcher working at LEGI in the MEIGE team.

I am working on turbidity currents mainly with an experimental approach. The applications are sub-marine turbidity currents, powder-snow avalanches and pyroclastic flows. My main collaborators are among the MEIGE team and IRSTEA-ETNA team.

I previously worked at LMFA (2004 - 2015) on flows with bubbles. My collaborators were Jean-Louis Marié and Michel Lance. We mostly worked on the forces applied on a single bubble in a simple flow.

I spent two years(2002 - 2004) working at ENSLyon with Bernard Castaing and Francesca Chillà. We were studying high Rayleigh number convection.

My phd-thesis (1999 - 2002) between CEMAGREF (now IRSTEA) and LEGI under Emil Hopfinger supervision was dealing with powder snow avalanches.

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Carpenter, A., Rastello, M., Garanaik, A., Venayagamoorthy, K., & Gates, T. (2018). Uncertainty analysis of flow velocity measurements using LDA and ADV in laboratory experiments. In 8th International Symposium on Environmental Hydraulics. Notre Dame, United States.
Rastello, M., Michallet, H., & Marié, J. - L. (2018). Sediment erosion in zero-mean-shear turbulence. In Hydrology Days. Fort-Collins, United States.


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Rastello, M., Michallet, H., & Marié, J. - L. (2017). Sediment erosion in zero-mean-shear turbulence. In Coastal Dynamics 2017 (pp. 597–607). Helsingør, Denmark.


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