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Tim Nagel

Tim Nagel

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On the multi-scale interactions between a coupled atmosphere-ocean-sediment and a Marine Renewable energy (MRE) systems.

Because of the rising need for sustainable energy, and because up to now wind energy is one of the few forms of renewable energy that can be harvested efficiently, many countries are planning and building offshore wind farms to increase the proportion of renewable energy in their energy mix.
Both efficiency and prediction on the MRE energetic production on a large time-scale range (going from the hour to the year) are thus essential in order to assure energetic resource. Many environmental and mechanical processes are involved when considering a MRE system. Concerning offshore wind farms theses processes come from numerous study domains like meteorology (wind prediction), air-sea interactions (waves ans streams), sediment transport or flow-structure-seabed interactions.
Numerical simulations of these processes and their interactions on a large range of space and time scales are important and necessary tools for MRE systems conception and exploitation.

In this context, my Ph.D project is to develop numerical models and tools allowing the characterization of the multi-scale interactions between an offshore wind turbine and the local atmosphere-ocean-sediment dynamics.
Up to now I’m following two focal areas :

  • The interactions between an offshore wind
    turbine wake and the ocean-sediment dynamics in an
    idealized framework.
  • The scour process induces by the wind turbine pile presence in the seabed.

These research activities are supervised by Julien Chauchat, Achim Wirth and Cyrille Bonamy. The numerical simulations are performed using the Froggy platform of the CIMENT infrastructure (


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