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Experimental studies of rotating exchange flow

B. Rabe, D.A. Smeed, S.B. Dalziel, G.F. Lane-Serff, J. Atmospheric Sciences, 64, no. 11, pages 4031-4052 (2007)

Ocean basins are connected by straits and passages, geometrically limiting important heat and salt exchanges which in turn influence the global thermohaline circulation and climate. Such exchange can be modeled in an idealized way by taking into consideration the density-driven two-layer flow along a strait under the influence of rotation. We use a laboratory model of a lock exchange between two reservoirs of different density through a flat-bottom channel with a horizontal narrows, set up on two different platforms : a 1m diameter turntable, where density interface position was measured by dye attenuation, and the 14m diameter turntable at Coriolis/LEGI (Grenoble, France), where correlation imaging velocimetry, a particle imaging technique, allowed us to obtain for the first time detailed measurements of the velocity fields in these flows.