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Publications 2016


Bulliard-Sauret, O., Ferrouillat, S., Vignal, L., Memponteil, A., & Gondrexon, N. (2016). Ultrasound heat transfer enhancement: A promising way to avoid temperature electronic failure.
Madrid Lozano, F., Caney, N., Riofrío Almeida, M. C., & Gruss, J. - A. (2016). Spray cooling enhancement by wall engineered surfaces.

Peer-reviewed Publications

Caney, N., Riofrío Almeida, M. C., & Gruss, J. - A. (2016). State of the art of efficient pumped two-phase flow cooling technologies. Applied Thermal Engineering, 104, 333–343.
De Rango, P., Marty, P., & Fruchart, D. (2016). Hydrogen storage systems based on magnesium hydride: from laboratory tests to fuel cell integration. Applied physics. A, Materials science & processing, 122(2), 126.
Martinelli, M., Soupart-Caron, A., Bentivoglio, F., Marty, P., Couturier, R., & Fourmigue, J. - F. (2016). Experimental study of a phase change thermal energy storage with copper foam. Applied Thermal Engineering, .
Marty, P., Danaci, S., Protasova, L., Lefevere, J., Bedel, L., & Guilet, R. (2016). Efficient CO 2 methanation over Ni/Al 2 O 3 coated structured catalysts. Catalysis Today, 273, 234–243.
Marty, P., Rebzani, N., Clavel, E., & Morin, A. (2016). Numerical multiphysics modeling of temperature rises in gas insulated busbars. IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 23(5), 2579–2586.
Prothin, S., Billard, J. - Y., & Djeridi, H. (2016). Image processing using proper orthogonal and dynamic mode decompositions for the study of cavitation developing on a NACA0015 foil. Experiments in Fluids, 57(10), 157–182.
Simon, A., Martinez Molina, J. J., & Fortes Patella, R. (2016). A new processing to estimate the speed of sound using three sensors method. Experiments in Fluids, 57(10).
Soupart-Caron, A., Fourmigue, J. - F., Marty, P., & Couturier, R. (2016). Performance analysis of Thermal Energy Storage systems using Phase Change Material. Applied Thermal Engineering, 98, 1286–1296.
Tardu, S. F., & Bauer, F. (2016). Vorticity transport in low Reynolds number turbulent channel flows. European Journal of Mechanics – B/Fluids, .
Triché, D., Bonnot, S., Perier-Muzet, M., Boudéhenn, F., Demasles, H., & Caney, N. (2016). Modeling and Experimental Study of an Ammonia-water Falling Film Absorber. Energy Procedia, 91, 857–867.

Conference Proceedings

Anika, N. N., Djenidi, L., & Tardu, S. F. (2016). Pulsed jets in laminar smooth and rough wall channel flows . In 11th International Symposium on Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Measurements. Palermo, Italy.
Aumelas, V., Lecoffre, Y., Maj, G., & Franc, J. - P. (2016). Micro-bubbles seeding for flow characterization. In 28th IAHR symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems. Grenoble, France.
Bouajila, S., De-Colombel, T., Lowys, P. - Y., & Maître, T. (2016). Hydraulic Phenomena Frequency Signature of Francis Turbines Operating in Part Load Conditions. In IAHR 2016 – Hydraulic Machinery and Systems. Grenoble, France.
Cleynen, O., Hoerner, S., & Thévenin, D. (2016). Influence of flotation bodies on the power characteristics of a free-stream water wheel. In Sustainable Hydraulics in the Era of Global Change : Proceedings of the 4th IAHR Europe Congress. Liege, Belgium.
Djeridi, H., Matas, J. - P., Boivin, P., & Cartellier, A. H. (2016). Boiling Front formation in flash depressurization. In ICMF 2016 International Conference on Multiphase Flow. Firenze, Italy.
Goncalvès Da Silva, E., Decaix, J., & Charrière, B. (2016). Numerical study of 3D turbulent cavitating flows. In 6th Symposium on hybrid RANS LES Methods, HRLM 2016. Strasbourg, France.
Gruss, J. - A., Gloriod, D., & Caney, N. (2016). An improved correlation to evaluate the thermal resistance of pulsating heat pipes. In 18th IHPC and 12th IHPS. Jeju, South Korea.
Guillaud, N., Balarac, G., Goncalvès Da Silva, E., & Zanette, J. (2016). Large eddy simulations on vertical axis hydrokinetic turbines and flow phenomena analysis. In 28th Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems, IAHR 2016. Grenoble, France.
Kledy, M., François, F., Djeridi, H., & Barre, S. (2016). Hot Wire Anemometry for measurements of Mean liquid Temperature and Velocity in Huigh Pressure Convective Boiling Flows : Feasibility Study. In SWINTH 2016, Livorno, Italy, 15-17 June 2016. Livorno, Italy.
Maître, T., Bossard, J., Vignal, L., & Franc, J. - P. (2016). Darrieus turbine modellings – Comparisons with performance measurements and PIV fields. In International Symposium on Transport Phenomena and Dynamics of Rotating Machinery. Honolulu, United States.
Maurice, G., Djeridi, H., & Barre, S. (2016). Experimental Study of a Cavitating Backward facing Step Flow: vapor Phase Investigation Using X-RAY Attenuation Measurements and Wall Pressure Measurements. In ICMF 2016, Firenze, Italy, 22-27 May 2016. Firenze, Italy.
Simon, A., Fortes Patella, R., Martinez Molina, J. J., Kernilis, A., & Dehouve, J. (2016). Transfer function identification of POGO system device. In Space Propulsion 2016. Rome, Italy.
Simon, A., Fortes Patella, R., Martinez Molina, J. J., Rebattet, C., Brillault, R., & Kernilis, A. (2016). Acoustic characterization of hydraulic systems: application to POGO phenomenon. In 28th IAHR symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems (IAHR2016). Grenoble, France.