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Publications 2013

Peer-reviewed Publications

Ayela, F., Medrano-Munoz, M., Amans, D., Dujardin, C., Brichart, T., Martini, M., et al. (2013). Experimental evidence of temperature gradients in cavitating microflows seeded with thermosensitive nanoprobes. Physical Review E : Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 88(4).
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Tingaud, F., Ferrouillat, S., Colasson, S., Bulliard-Sauret, O., & Bontemps, A. (2013). Improvement of Two-Phase Flow Distribution in Compact Heat Exchangers by Using Ultrasound. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 392, 521–525.

Conference Proceedings

Bauer, F., Doche, O. L., & Tardu, S. F. (2013). Efficiency of high accuracy DRP schemes in Direct Numerical Simulations of incompressible turbulent flows . In International conference on scientific computing. Paphos, Cyprus.
Bizi-Bandoki, P., Deplancke, T., Lame, O., Cavaillé, J. - Y., Fivel, M. C., & Franc, J. - P. (2013). Cavitation erosion resistance of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene coatings. In SHF Conference on Hydraulic Machines and Cavitation /Air in Water Pipes. Grenoble, France.
Colombet, D., Goncalvès Da Silva, E., & Fortes Patella, R. (2013). Simulation de la cavitation non isotherme avec un modèle de transport de taux de vide. In 21 ème Congrès Français de Mécanique. Bordeaux, France.
Decaix, J., & Goncalvès Da Silva, E. (2013). Hybrid RANS/LES simulations of a cavitating flow in Venturi. In International Symposium on Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena (pp. 1–6). Poitiers, France.
Djenidi, L., Antonia, R. A., & Tardu, S. F. (2013). Breakdown of Kolmogorov's scaling in grid turbulence. In 14th European Turbulence Conference. Lyon, France.
Djenidi, L., Tardu, S. F., & Antonia, R. A. (2013). On the ergodicity of grid turbulence. In 8th International Symp. On Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena. Poitiers, France.
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Tardu, S. F., & Bauer, F. (2013). Velocity level crossing statistics in wall bounded turbulent flows. In 14th European Turbulence Conference. Lyon , France.
Tingaud, F., Ferrouillat, S., Colasson, S., Bontemps, A., & Bulliard-Sauret, O. (2013). Improvement of two-phase flow distribution in compact heat exchangers by using ultrasound. In 5th International Conference on Mechanical and Electrical Technology (ICMET 2013), 20-21 Jully 2013. Chengdu, China.

Book Contributions

Benbouzid, M., Astolfi, J. - A., Bacha, S., Charpentier, J. - F., Machmoum, M., Maître, T., et al. (2013). Concepts, Modeling and Control of Tidal Turbines. In B. Multon (Ed.), In Marine Renewable Energy Handbook (pp. 219–278). John Wiley & Sons.