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Publications 2014


Chauchat, J., Revil-Baudard, T., & Hurther, D. (2014). Two-Phase Flow Modelling Perspectives Based on Novel High-Resolution Acoustic Measurements of Uniform Steady Sheet-Flow.

Currently in Preparation or Submitted

Venaille, A., Gostiaux, L., & Sommeria, J. (2014). The role of fluctuations across a density interface.
Wirth, A., Gostiaux, L., Bouruet-Aubertot, P., Lott, F., & Plougonven, R. (2014). Book of Abstract of Symposium OGOA : ”Ondes de Gravité dans l’Océan et l’Atmosphère”, 23-24 mai 2013.

Peer-reviewed Publications

Almar, R., Michallet, H., Cienfuegos, R., Bonneton, P., Tissier, M., & Ruessink, B. G. (2014). On the use of the Radon Transform in studying nearshore wave dynamics. Coastal Engineering, 92, 24–30.
Augier, P., Billant, P., Negretti, M. - E., & Chomaz, J. - M. (2014). Experimental study of stratified turbulence forced with columnar dipoles. Physics of Fluids, 26(4), 046603.
Barral, H., Genthon, C., Trouvilliez, A., Brun, C., & Amory, C. (2014). Blowing snow in coastal Adelie Land, Antarctica: three atmospheric-moisture issues. The Cryosphere, 8(5), 1905–1919.
Catalano, E., Chareyre, B., & Barthélemy, E. (2014). Pore-scale modeling of fluid-particles interaction and emerging poromechanical effects. International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics, 38(1), 51–71.
Chassagneux, F. - X., & Hurther, D. (2014). Wave bottom boundary layer processes below irregular surfzone breaking waves with light-weight sheet flow particle transport. Journal of Geophysical Research. Oceans, 119(3), 1668–1690.
Chauchat, J., & Médale, M. (2014). A three-dimensional numerical model for dense granular flows based on the μ (I) rheology. Journal of Computational Physics, 256(1), 696.
Deusebio, E., Augier, P., & Lindborg, E. (2014). Third-order structure functions in rotating and stratified turbulence: a comparison between numerical, analytical and observational results. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 755, 294–313.
Larroudé, P., Oudart, T., Daou, M. - P., Robin, N., & Certain, R. (2014). Three simple indicators of vulnerability to climate change on a Mediterranean beach: A modeling approach. Ocean Engineering, , 76.
Naqshband, S., Ribberink, J. S., Hurther, D., Barraud, P. - A., & Hulscher, S. J. M. H. (2014). Experimental evidence for turbulent sediment flux constituting a large portion of total sediment flux along migrating sand dunes. Geophysical Research Letters, 41(24), 8870–8878.
Naqshband, S., Ribberink, J. S., Hurther, D., & Hulscher, S. J. M. H. (2014). Bed load and suspended load contributions to migrating sand dunes in equilibrium. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 119.
Ripesi, P., Biferale, L., Sbragaglia, M., & Wirth, A. (2014). Natural convection with mixed insulating and conducting boundary conditions: low- and high-Rayleigh-number regimes. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 742, 636–663.
Suarez Atias, L., Barthélemy, E., Berni, C., Chauchat, J., Michallet, H., & Cienfuegos, R. (2014). Vertical distribution of Skewness and asymmetry in a boundary layer on a mobile bed. Experiment and k‑ω model comparison. La Houille Blanche – Revue internationale de l’eau, (2), 88–94.
Thorne, P. D., & Hurther, D. (2014). An overview on the use of backscattered sound for measuring suspended particle size and concentration profiles in non-cohesive inorganic sediment transport studies. Continental Shelf Research, 73, 97–118.

Conference Proceedings

Barral, H., Vignon, E., Bazile, E., Traullé, O., Gallée, H., Genthon, C., et al. (2014). Summer Diurnal Cycle At Dome C On The Antartic Plateau. In 21st Symposium on Boundary Layer and Turbulence. Leeds, United Kingdom.
Brun, C., Blein, S., Barral, H., & Genthon, C. (2014). Turbulence anisotropy in katabatic flows. From Antarctica plateau to alpine slopes. In EGU General Assembly 2014. Vienne, Austria.
Michallet, H., Ruessink, B. G., Vieira Lima Matias Da Rocha, M., De Bakker, A., Van Der A, D. A., Ruju, A., et al. (2014). GLOBEX: Wave dynamics on a shallow sloping beach. In HYDRALAB IV Joint User Meeting, Lisbon, July 2014. Lisbonne, Portugal.
Oudart, T., Jaymond, A., Larroudé, P., Paquier, A. - É., Meulé, S., & Anthony, E. J. (2014). Simulate the wind-wave attenuation on sea-grass meadow in Berre lagoon with Tomawac and SPH 3D. In XXIst Telemac & Mascaret, User Club. Grenoble, France.
Oudart, T., Larroudé, P., Cartier, A., & Héquette, A. (2014). Numerical simulation versus in-situ sedimentary flux on sandy beaches as a function of the breaker parameter. In XXIst Telemac & Mascaret, User Club. Grenoble, France.
Revil-Baudard, T., Chauchat, J., Hurther, D., & Barthélemy, E. (2014). Experimental study of sheet flow regime of sediment transport in a laboratory flume. In River Flow 2014. LAUSANNE, Switzerland.
Vignal, L., Michallet, H., Van Der A, D. A., Mouazé, D., Silva, P. A., Abreu, T., et al. (2014). Etude de couches limites oscillantes par vélocimétrie laser Doppler. In 14e Congrès Francophonne de Techniques Laser. Marseille, France.
Voisin, B., Ermanyuk, E. V., Shmakova, N., & Flór, J. - B. (2014). Internal wave focusing from oscillating tori. In Nonlinear Effects in Internal Waves Conference. Ithaca, United States.

Ph.D. Theses

Akuetevi, C. Q. C. (2014). Dynamics of turbulent western boundary currents at low latitudes, a numerical study. Ph.D. thesis, Université de Grenoble, .
Revil-Baudard, T. (2014). Experimental study and modelling of the sediment transport in sheet-flow regime. Ph.D. thesis, Université de Grenoble, .
Suarez Atias, L. (2014). Surf zone boundary layer and 2D large scale hydrodynamics. Ph.D. thesis, Université de Grenoble ; Pontificia universidad católica de Chile (Santiago de Chile), .

Book Contributions

Scolan, H., Verzicco, R., & Flór, J. - B. (2014). Frontal Instabilities at Density–Shear Interfaces in Rotating Two-Layer Stratified Fluids. In T. von Larcher, & P. D. Williams (Eds.), Modeling Atmospheric and Oceanic Flows: Insights from Laboratory Experiments and Numerical Simulations. Geophysical Monograph Series. American Geophysical Union.