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Heat Transfer with Phase Change

Phase change is adressed under two different aspects : the phase change in mini-channels but also the phase change which occurs during cavitation in rotary machines.

Phase Change
Following studies on the convective flow in mini-channels, our current research focuses on the influence of wetting. The sample surfaces are coated by deposition of particles of a few nanometers, enabling the modification of their contact angles. This work is supported by the ANR project ANR Blanc Nanosurf

The following picture shows the change of contact angle of a water droplet placed on a metal surface undergone various treatments :

We observed significant effects of wetting on main parameters of boiling, such as bubble departure diameter and heat transfer coefficient, which is illustrated by the following figures :

To highlight the role of wetting on heterogeneous boiling, new concept of bubble growth was suggested, enabling the development of new models for predicting boiling parameters.

For more details, please read our recent papers :

Comptes-Rendus de l’Académie des Sciences (2009) :

Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer (2009) :

Mécanique & Industries (2009) :

Currently we are investigating the effects of wetting on heat transfer of convective boiling in a microchannel. The following figure shows the experimental facility :