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EGU 2009

In 2009, Yann Largeron, Nicolas Grisouard, Christophe Brun and Jan-Bert Flor from the ERES team have participated to the EGU meeting in Vienna.

Their posters and presentations are available here.

Y. Largeron, C. Staquet and C. Chemel
Analysis of mixing in the stable atmosphere of an idealized alpine valley.

Yann Largeron Abstract

N. Grisouard, C. Staquet, T. Gerkema
Conditions for local generation of NonLinear Internal Waves in a pycnocline : a numerical study.

Grisouard local generation

Grisouard Presentation

C. Brun, J.P. Chollet
Simulation and modeling of the turbulent katabatic flow along a slope for stably stratified atmospheric boundary layer.

Brun & Chollet contribution

Voir en ligne : EGU 2009