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Suspension acoustics and its application in fine-scale flow and sediment transport studies

Acoustic backscattering has been used with growing intensity over the past 20 years for the study of flow / sediment processes in coastal, estuarine and river flows. Only recently, the capability of merging incoherent intensity inversions with pulse-coherent Doppler phase estimations has been allowed due to high-performance hardware and software technologies. The joint research activity named Scaling Analysis and New instrumentation for mobile beD testS (SANDS) provided financial support within the european project HYDRALAB III ( for the development of an Acoustic Concentration and Velocity Profiler (ACVP). The system can profile the suspended sediment concentration and up to 4 components of the flow velocity at small turbulent scale. The system is particularly adapted to the study of unsolved boundary layer problems under wave and / or current dominated mobile bed flows. The multi-frequency capability of the ACVP allows for unique performances in terms of turbulence and sediment concentration measurements across the highly concentrated nearbed region.

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