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Post-doc on experimental stratified turbulence

A postdoctoral position is open to study experimentally the statistical properties of turbulence in a stratified medium in the Coriolis facility. When density stratification is present, the fluids supports linear internal gravity waves in addition to vortices. When strong amplitude waves are forced in the fluid, a regime of internal wave turbulence develops at large scales that evolves into strongly nonlinear stratified turbulence at smaller scales if the Reynolds number is large enough. For such regimes dominated by stratification to develop, one needs a large-scale facility. The Coriolis facility of LEGI is an adequate tool. It is made of a large tank (13m-diameter, 1m-deep) equipped with the hydraulic scheme necessary to setup density stratifications using varying concentrations of salt. The post-doc will study the statistical properties of the small scales of stratified turbulence and compare it to the theories of stratified turbulence. She/he will also investigate the possibility to setup LIF measurements in such a large-scale facility so that to study mixing. She/he will be assisted by two engineers who are in charge of the facility. The position is open and the contract will run to the end of august 2023. It is funded by the Simons collaboration on wave turbulence.

Applicants must contact Nicolas Mordant

overturning internal gravity waves visualized by a rhodamine layer