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PhD proposal: Experimental study of bubbles at very high Reynolds numbers

Dispersed two-phase flows at high Reynolds numbers are present in various applications, in particular in the fields of traditional and renewable energies (nuclear, hydraulic), in aerospace transport (rocket engines), in thermal and industrial hydraulics. This experimental thesis will benefit from the unique facilities of the CREMHyG (Centre de Recherche et d’Essais de Machines Hydrauliques de Grenoble) and from the laboratory’s expertise on advanced measurement techniques in two-phase flows. The thesis will rely on global and local measurements on the hydraulic installation, coupled with high spatial and temporal resolution imaging to study the dispersed phase, with a Lagrangian approach. The establishment of a detailed experimental database is of major interest for the validation process of the physical modeling and numerical simulation tools developed in the field of turbulent two-phase flows.

Contact :  Régiane Fortes-Patella,  Nathanael Machicoane

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