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Tuesday, June 29, 2021, defense of Yann MEZUI M-OBIANG’s thesis - 10:00 am, Room K118, LEGI, Bergès site

Hydrodynamics of a bubble column in heterogeneous regime: New experimental datas, Mechanisms, and scale-up

This thesis was carried out within the EDT team under the supervision of Alain Cartellier and Martin Obligado.


Although bubble column reactors are widely used in the chemical industry, their modelling is mainly based on semi-empirical approaches and remains unsatisfactory due to the lack of a reliable physical model describing the interactions between phases. The objective is to improve our understanding of the hydrodynamics in such columns by using combined measurements of different parameters (void fraction, bubble sizes and velocities, phase velocity, etc.) over a wide range of column sizes and by using different liquids to vary the coalescence efficiency. From the resulting data, physical models capable of characterising the flow of the carrier phase in industrial columns will be derived. These data will also be used to test and improve the predictive capabilities of the 2D/3D numerical simulations currently under development at IFPEN.

Membres du jury :
- Mme, Henda DJERIDI, Professeure, Grenoble INP, Présidente du jury
- Mme, Anne-Marie BILLET, Professeure, Toulouse INP, Rapporteure
- M., Huai-Zhi LI, Professeur, Université de Lorraine, Rapporteur
- M., Mickaël BOURGOIN, Directeur de Recherche, ENS Lyon, Examinateur
- M., Alain CARTELLIER, Directeur de Recherche, Université Grenoble Alpes, Directeur de thèse
- M., Martin OBLIGADO, Maître de Conférence, Université Grenoble Alpes, Co-Directeur de thèse
- M., Frédéric AUGIER, Ingénieur de Recherche (HDR), IFP Énergies Nouvelles, Invité