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Experimental and theoretical study of the influence of structural properties on the fluid-structure interaction underlying the human voice without and with pathology

The human voice (vowel sounds) is due to an auto-oscillation of the vocal folds. This auto-oscillation is the result of a fluid-structure interaction between the airflow coming from the lungs and the deformable structure of the vocal folds. Consequently, structural properties influence the voice outcome under normal as well as under pathological conditions (see left frame of Fig. 1). The objective of this internship is to contribute to a physical study of the influence of local and/or global structural changes to the vocal folds structure on 1) the ongoing fluid-structure interaction and 2) on the resulting auto-oscillation. This internship is part of an ongoing PhD. Depending on the profile and competences of the candidate, the focus is on the experimental or modeling aspect. Both aspects are briefly outlined below...

Xavier Pelorson (
Annemie Van Hirtum (

LEGI, Grenoble University Campus: LEGI, Grenoble University Campus

Competences required:
Engineering/master student with strong interest in research in the fields of mechanics (structural and fluid). Experimental skills are appreciated.

For more details see the attached document