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Experimental and theoretical study of the influence of time-varying waveguide geometry on fluid flow and aero-acoustics : application to articulation during speech production

Turbulent flow in the human upper airways plays a significant role in daily life since it intervenes in basic features of human life, e.g. breathing and fricative speech sounds production. Despite this prevalence, few studies are dedicated to the physical understanding of turbulence creation, development and decay and hence laminar- turbulent flow transitions for conditions pertinent for the human upper airways and vocal tract in particular. This study deals with low to moderate Reynolds number (Re < 10^5) flow and aero-acoustics through complex waveguides with time-varying boundaries. Results contribute to the understanding of the role of turbulence in respiratory health and speech sound production...

Supervisors :
Xavier Pelorson (
Annemie Van Hirtum (

Location :
LEGI, Grenoble University Campus : LEGI, Grenoble University Campus

Competences required :
Strong interest in research in the fields of mechanics fluid mechanics and aero-acoustics. Experimental skills are appreciated. As this internship is within the framework of an ANR project, the internship can be pursued in PhD research depending on the interest and potential of the candidate.

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