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Post-doc : Experimental study of supercavitating flows thermal behavior

Contrat details :

  • 18 month CDD contract from January 2019 for PostDoctoral research
  • As the PostDoc is funded by a DGA grant, only european citizens may apply to that offer
  • Organization : This experimental work will be performed at ILM (Lyon) under the supervision of Gilles Ledoux and in collaboration with Damien Colombet, Frédéric Ayela from LEGI and Eric Goncalves from Pprime insitut. Microfluidics devices will be microfabricated by the LEGI partner.

Contact :

Work schedule :

  • synthesis of thermal nanoprobes with the supervision of the FENNEC ILM team
  • learn how to run and control the confocal microscope
  • perform thermal calibrations in empty channels with thermal nanoprobes
  • perform measurements of temperature and gas fraction for different geometries
  • perform analysis of results regarding the literature state of art
Description of the work