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Wave turbulence

N. MORDANT, in collaboration with P. AUGIER, E. BARTHELEMY, H. MICHALLET, J. SOMMERIA, S. VIBOUD from the MEIGE team

ERC project WATU : Wave turbulence : beyond weak turbulence

A turbulent state is developed in a large set of nonlinearly interacting waves. When the non-linearities are sufficiently weak, the energy transfers are supposed to occur only through resonant interactions. This phenomenology is known under the name of Weak Turbulence. For stationary regimes, a statistical theory allows to compute analytically the spectrum of the energy cascade (Zakharov’s solutions). Ongoing works aims at confronting these predictions using space and time resolved measurements of the wave fields and at staying the case of strong interaction. Several wave systems are studied experimentally through the infrastructures of the laboratory :

  • Gravity-capillary surface water waves in a vessel of about 50cm. The surface is measured using the Fourier transform profilometry method (deformation of a projected pattern at the water surface).
PNG - 245.7 ko

Schematic of the experimental setup for the study of gravity-capillary waves.

PNG - 805.8 ko

Gravity-capillary waves in non-linear regime

  • 2D Gravity surface waves with an experiment in the Coriolis facility. The measurements is performed by seeding the surface of particles and using a stereoscopic method.
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Coriolis platform during an experiment on surface gravity waves.

  • 1D Gravity surface wave with an experiment in the 36m long canal.
  • Internal gravity waves in a two layer stratification with an experiment in the Coriolis facility. The waves are generated at the interface between fresh and salt water. Waves are measured similarly to the experiment on 2D surface gravity waves.
  • Internal gravity waves and stratified turbulence in a linear stratification (Coriolis facility).
  • Bending waves in a steel plate.

Gravity surface wave turbulence in the Coriolis facility

Waves in the 36m linear wave flume

See the following papers for the wave turbulence of gravity-capillary waves :