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Vendredi 13 novembre 2015, soutenance de thèse de Jese UROS - 10h00, Amphithéâtre K118, site Bergès

Numerical study of pump-turbine instabilities : Pumping mode off-design conditions

Membres du jury

- F. Avellan (EPFL)
- S. Aubert (EC Lyon)
- C. Hirsch (Université de Bruxelles)
- A. Dazin (ENSAM Lille - HDR)
- M. Dular (Université de Ljubljana - co encadrant de la thèse)
- R. Fortes (Grenoble-INP - encadrant de la thèse)


Flexibility and energy storage are the main challenges of the energy industry at the present time. Pumped Storage Power Plants (PSP), using reversible pump-turbines, are among the most cost-efficient solutions to answer these needs. To provide a rapid adjustment to the electrical grid, pump-turbines are subjects of quick switching between pumping and generating modes and to extended operation under off-design conditions.

Two main sources of pumping mode instabilities are the presence of the cavitation phenomenon and the rotating stall, both occurring at the part load. The appearance can lead into uncontrollable shift between the operating points, vibrations, loss of performance and sometimes erosion.

PhD study focuses on the numerical analysis of the part load pumping mode regime for the scaled high head pump-turbine geometry. Steady simulations with barotropic cavitation model have been done for wide range of flow rates and cavitation levels. Moreover, unsteady simulations have been performed in order to analyze, evaluate and predict the unsteady characteristics of the rotating stall. Numerical results showed good agreement with the experimental data.