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Operation 31 : Hydrodynamic cavitation with ’labs on chip’

Author: Frédéric Ayela

Hydrodynamic cavitation ‘on chip’ deals with the reduction, at low scale, of the well-known macroscopic cavitation phenomena.
However, cavitation through microdiaphragms and microventuris allows new experiments unavailable with conventional tools or fluids. Recently, we have performed for the first time a thermal mapping of a cavitating water flow, loaded with thermofluorescent nanoprobes, with the help of a confocal microscop [1]. The experiment has exhibited a thermal gap of around 10°C over a 0.1 mm long length (see figure).

Cavitation hydrodynamique sur puce

Forthcoming experiments : delamination of microfoils, detection of hydroxyl radicals, if any, from cavitating luminol.